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News in 2009

  1. IMMISmt monitoring system for air pollution and noise in cities ...

    IMMISmt is a real time monitoring system for air pollution and noise. Based on online traffic data, measurements of air quality stations, emission data and weather data, IMMISmt continuously calculates traffic induced emissions, background and total pollutant concentrations as well as noise levels within the streets as, e. g., hourly mean values. To do so, IMMISmt combines various models which are validated and widely used in air quality planning.

    IMMISmt was developped in the context of two research projects (HEAVEN, Berlin und MOBINET, Munich) and was implemented in the project iQ mobility as a component of an Integrated Quality and Mobility Management for Road Traffic in the Berlin Region.

    More information on IMMISmt
    Download Flyer IMMISmt

  2. Stricter Low Emission Zone in Berlin starting January 1st 2010 ...
    Berlin has established an Low Emission Zone (Environmental Zone) for the City centre on January 1st 2008. Its purpose is to reduce harmful pollutants in the air that are caused by road traffic. From January 1st 2010 on, only cars with green stickers will be allowed to enter the zone.
    More information on Berlin's Environmental Zone

    In spite of many efforts in recent years to improve the air quality in Berlin, especially residents in street canyons with a high traffic density are still exposed to poor air quality and meeting the limit values of European air quality guidelines remains a challenge.
    IVU Umwelt has identified the hot spots in Berlin by a combination of measurements and modelling. The results became part of the Clean Air and Action Plan for Berlin 2005 - 2010 which contains the Environmental Zone as a measure to improve air quality.
    More information on Clean Air and Action Plan for Berlin 2005 - 2010

  3. Planning of ambient air quality measurements ...

    Available since August 2009:

    The series of guidelines VDI 4280 describes the planning and evaluation of ambient air quality measurements and is an important element of quality assurance in monitoring and assessing air quality in the sector regulated by law.

    The guidelines were developed and published by the "Commission on Air Pollution Prevention of VDI and DIN - Standards Committee". VDI, the Association of German Engineers, is a financially independent and politically unaffiliated, non-profit organization of 132,000 engineers and natural scientists. More than 13,000 of these members work for the VDI in an honorary capacity.

  4. The team of IVU Umwelt wishes a Merry Christmas ...

    ... and a Happy New Year!

    We would like to thank you for the confidence shown in our company and the interest in our work. To all our customers and partners, we wish a pleasant Advent season, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2010.

    This year we will support the charity project „A School for Children in the Himalaya" with a donation.
    More information on Jamyang School Project

  5. Presentation at mobil.TUM 2009 in Munich ...

    IVU Umwelt presented a contribution to the lecture programme at the International Scientific Conference on Mobility and Transport mobil.TUM 2009.

    Paper: "From Traffic Management to Environmental Traffic Management"
    Session: "Environmental Traffic Management and Control"

    mobil.TUM 2009 took place in Munich, Germany from 12th to 13th May 2009.
    More information on mobil.TUM 2009

  6. Booth and Presentation at Air Quality 2009 Conference in Istanbul, Turkey ...

    IVU Umwelt was present with two paper presentations and a booth at the Air Quality Conference 2009.

    „Air quality management - from traffic management to environmental traffic management"
    Download Paper

    „Air quality assessment in a large urban area and effects of low emission zones"
    Download Paper

    Air Quality 2009 (7th International Conference on Air Quality - Science and Application, formerly known as Urban Air Quality Conference) took place in Istanbul, Turkey from 24th to 27th March 2009.
    More information on Air Quality 2009

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