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modular GIS-integrated system for Air Quality Modeling
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Optimum Interpolation
Data Assimilation
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Noise Calculation with
LimA in ArcGIS
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Lasat in ArcGIS
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Hydrological Inundation Model in ArcView
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Products and software solutions

IMMIS Software System
combines various models to assess and predict air quality including their integration in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and interfaces to traffic models and noise calculation programs.
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Online Environmental Monitoring

the models of the program system IMMIS
and a center Oracle-Database form the core of an online environmental monitoring systems for city-wide screenings of current air and noise pollution based on real-time traffic. more information


FLADIS is a program system for the analysis and visualisation of observational network data.
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LimAarc - Noise Calculation with LimA in ArcGIS

LimAarc integrates the LimA Program System for calculation of noise distributions into ArcGIS and thus provides noise modeling function in ArcGIS. LimAarc is a joint development of IVU Umwelt and Stapelfeldt Ingenieurgesellschaft.
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LASarc is an extension for ArcGIS and ArcView3 integrating the dispersion model LASAT into GIS giving the opportunity to directly run the model within the GIS and with GIS-Data.
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This system integrates the hydrological inundation model floodFILL in ArcView. floodFILL is an incomplex system for identifying flood areas using a hydrological model that operates in GIS with an interface to a high-resolution digital elevation model (1-50 m grid width).
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Statistical Analyses

Statistical analyses of environmental data are absolutely essential with rapidly expanding data volumes. Environmental statistical methods are used, for example, to interpret and visualise data flow, to fill in missing values on the basis of statistical models, and to isolate the causes of fluctuations in the data. mehr lesen


are dynamic emission registers with which largely static locations emission sources can be linked with emission-determining factors varying with time within a geographical information system (GIS), so that updates and extrapolations of registers can be carried out quickly and easily. mehr lesen

GIS Integration

IVU Umwelt integrates models and our models in Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Thus, GIS data is directly available for environmental planning, opening up new possibilities in analysis and display.
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As an Esri partner, IVU Umwelt offers professional services and efficient integration into ArcGIS and ArcView 3.x.