IMMISluft - User interface

IMMISluft is available for Windows.

IMMISluft fits the user's needs for an easy-to-use, user friendly menu structure, dialogs and navigation system. The Program is equipped with a help system depending on the particular command the user is struggeling with. Thus, you can receive a problem-related assistance to each dialog and to each window.

requires several kind of data to calculate the concentrations. In a project file all information is stored concerning the directory paths and the names of all files as well as general model parameters. This structure enables you to execute calculations for the same street segment data but different model parameters without changing or overwriting the original calculations. Using a input dialog for relevant street segment data the user enters all necessary data (see illustration). The data are stored in a data base featuring the dBase format. They may be processed at any time again. The data may be taken from or filled in existing data bases.