Our Offer:

Concerning all program licences of the program systems IMMIS we offer the following 
  • Discount for licence packages
  • Affordable updates for the current version
  • economical maintenance contracts
We will be pleased to send you a relevant price list. Call or email us at +49 - 761 - 888512-0 and .

We offer the following services to you:
  • Supporting data acquisition for IMMISair applications
  • Integration of IMMISnet to determine the background concentration 
  • Conversion of IMMISair - data bases into the respective GIS format 
  • Support in obtaining digital map material 
  • Creation of customized layouts for individual result presentation 
  • Software solution for particular tasks
We will be pleased to send you an offer on your particular demands.

Our staff member to your disposal:

Feel free to contact Dipl.-Phys. Volker Diegmann at Tel: + 49 - 761 - 888512-0 or