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Air Quality Plans with IMMIS: The software system IMMIS, a comprehensive set of tools to access traffic induced air pollution, has been and is used to develop many Air Quality Plans, Clean Air Plans and Action Plans in Germany. Selected cities, where IMMIS has been used for the development of more than 50 plans, are listed in a table.
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Air quality assessment in the European Mega City Ruhr Area and effects of low emission zones: The Ruhr area is the biggest German megalopolis with more than 5,3 million inhabitants living in an area of about 4.400 km2, it is a conglomerate of several overlapping major cities. For this region IVU Umwelt has identified the hot spots by a combination of measurements and modelling. The concentrations caused by local road traffic were then calculated with the screening model IMMISluft. Pollution maps have been created on behalf of the Landesumweltamt (State Environmental Agency) of North Rhine-Westphalia LANUV.
The concentrations are displayed in thematic maps with colors from green, over yellow to red which results in so called "Traffic Light Maps".

Within the framework of the BMBF project MOBINET - Mobility in Megalopolis the Division for Health and Environment (Referat für Gesundheit und Umwelt) of the City of Munich and the partners IVU Umwelt GmbH and GEVAS software is currently developing a city-wide screening system to calculate traffic-induced air and noise pollution online. The real-time pollution situation in the main road traffic network of Munich based on current traffic data is being calculated and visualized using the online environmental monitoring system. Within the system, the models of the program system IMMIS (IVU Umwelt) is used to determine the air and noise pollution.

IVU Umwelt has been developing an environmental monitoring system for the city of Berlin within the framework of the EU-Project HEAVEN. Based on real-time traffic, meteorology and background concentrations air pollution and noise levels are calculated for selected streets in Berlin in a hourly resolution. In the near future the results of the online monitoring system will be available for the public via internet.

Within the framework of a coarse screening in Southern Hessen, IMMISnet was used for ascertaining the background pollution levels of selected street sections.

Modeling air pollutant's concentrations for street canyons in  Rostock (screening according to 23. BImSchV).

Investigation of main road air pollution in Munich by soot, benzene and NO2.

An IMMISluft coarse screening of pollution on the city of Hamburg's main roads was carried out for soot, benzene and NO2 concentrations.

Calculation of traffic induced air pollution for Leipzig's main roads (according to 23. BImSchV).