The use of GIS and DTM in modelling the extent of tidal flooding: A simple flooding algorithm for a proposed integrated real-time system for use by the Thames Barrier Operating Team

Master Thesis:
A thesis presented for the degree of Masters by Research at the University of Edinburgh by MSc in Hydrology Carsten Peter

Idrisi, floodFILL

The aim of the thesis has been to develop algorithm floodFILL to predict the inundation of an embayment of the tidal floodplain of the River Thames following an embankment breach during storm surge tide conditions (PETER, 1996). 
Drainage is also modeled by removal of water in case of the water level at the inflow point is decreasing. The already filled storage cells had been taken into account when the inflow into the terrain restarts. 
The results nicely show the influence of anthropogenic building structures on the temporal and spatial distribution of an inundation.