Model Concept

An urbanised floodplain is structured by man-made features such as road dams, embankments, etc., into a series of basins. These basins act as storage cells when flood water enters the floodplain. The timing and extent of flooding is determined by the volume and interconnection of these cells. 

floodFILL employes a digital elevation model to determine the location, storage volume and interconnection of the storage cells. These storage cell's properties primarily control the temporal and spatial distribution of the water.
Starting from the inflow points the model allocates the water entering the floodplain into the storage cells identified.

  • data driven model
  • small effort in pre-processing
  • no calibration necessary
  • very fast calculations
  • scenario calculations
  • integration in any desired GIS
  • unlimited inflow points

   Inflows from e.g.
  • embankment breach
  • rainfall
  • sewage system
  • piping
  • groundwater
   Outflows into e.g.
  • sewage system
  • piping