floodFILL - GIS-based Modeling of Floods

The hydrologic model floodFILL is an easy-to-use system for calculation the spatial and temporal extent of an inundation in a floodplain.
floodFILL may give solutions to the following problems:

What areas are going to be flooded in what amount of time?

What is the level of inundation in the areas flooded?

Do I have the appropriate data available to model the flood event?

The water enters the floodplain according to a given discharge hydrograph at an inflow point defined. Starting at that location the water volume is distributed stepwise into the floodplain corresponding to information extracted from the digital elevation model.
floodFILL is available completely integrated within the geographic information system (GIS) ArcView. Because of its limited number of  input data and the flexibility and adaptability floodFILL suites as well for Operational Support in real-time during a flood as for preliminary risk analysis of flood events and the precautionary assessment of potential damage of an inundation.