FLADIS short description

Software system FLADIS

Tagesverlauf der Ozonkonzentrationen in Hessen (Animiertes GIF ca. 100k)
Daily cycle of ozone concentrations

FLADIS is a program system for the analysis and visualisation of observational network data.

FLADIS calculates the spatial distribution of air pollutants, such as PM10, NO2, NO, O3 and benzene, from point measurements and model simulation runs. It combines interpolated measured data and modelling results for each time step for which data is available.

  • Visualisation of air pollutant concentrations
  • EU Air Quality Framework Directive
  • Visualisation of meteorological data
  • Wide range of interpolation schemes
  • Combination with internal and external models
  • Interfaces to external models: e.g. LASAT, RCG, EURAD, IMMIS
  • Integration of elevation models
  • Uniform emission interface EES
  • Data assimilation
  • Cross validation
  • Various output formats
  • Graphics
  • Analysis tool for FLADIS results
  • Database link-up
  • GIS integration

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