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Air Quality Plans with IMMIS 
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Model Overview
Air Quality Models
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IMMIS - Air Quality Models

Supplying IMMIS  to local, regional and federal authorities as well as consulting companies, IVU Umwelt provides a comprehensive program set to evaluate traffic induced air and noise pollution. 

IMMIS - A modular GIS-integrated System for modeling air quality
The program system IMMIS consists of the following programs:
  • IMMISem - is developed to calculate traffic-induced emissions
  • IMMISnet - a Gaussian multi-source dispersion model is used to calculate and represent the spatial extent of background level concentration of air pollution
  • IMMISluft (air) - is a Screening program for the evaluation of air pollution in city streets
  • IMMIScpb - for the calculation of complex individual case studies and short term calculations of air pollutant's transmission in street canyons
  • IMMISlärm (noise) - for the estimation of noise pollutions in street canyons
  • IMMISarc and IMMISmap - the integration of the IMMIS modules into the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) ArcGIS and MapInfo