LimAarc short description

Noise Calculation with LimA under ArcGIS

LimAarc integrates the LimA Program System for calculation of noise distributions into the ArcGIS geographic information system (GIS) from Esri. LimAarc is a joint development of IVU Umwelt and Stapelfeldt Ingenieurgesellschaft.
Models for calculation of environmental noise are getting more and more complex and the requirements for the range and degree of detail of noise rating studies increase. Range and quality of digital geo-data for GIS-Systems are growing simultaneously. These trends of development require new arrangements for programming and data-handling of environmental models.

With ArcGIS, Esri offers a modern, scalable GIS, that can integrate models and lets you create,administrate and maintain data for environmental projects effectively and comfortably. Within LimAarc all data for noise modelling are supplied and maintained in ArcGIS. The noise model is handled by the GIS and has direct access to the GIS data.

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