LASarc short description

The lagrangian dispersion model LASAT, developed and distributed by Ingenieurbüro Janicke, is being employed by IVU Umwelt GmbH in addition to IMMISnet to calculate pollutant dispersion. LASAT is a complex model for calculating concentrations of air pollutants, taking into account e. g. orography and building structures. It is based on the same algorithms as AUSTAL2000 and is in accordance with the new German directive on air pollution modelling TA-Luft.

In studies for large areas with many emission sources, the generation of input data in the required formats is often tedious. The use of a GIS for the automatic generation directly out of GIS-data is practically indispensable. Therefore, IVU Umwelt has developed the ArcGIS-Extension LASarc.

The current release LASarc offers the following functionalities:
  • set calculation parameters in dialog 
  • set pollutant parameter in dialog 
  • selection and definition of the gridded domain using shape and grid files automatic 
  • creation of mandatory intermediate grids in case of grid nesting 
  • cross-project transformation of coordinates for LASAT input and output files to ensure LASAT-compliant coordinate values (e. g. when using GK-coordinates) 
  • conversion of shape files in LASAT-source files, controlled by the user's specification of important parameters and unit conversion 
  • automatic conversion of IMMISluft/em-databases into LASAT input files, including the conversion of specific emission data and unit conversion 
  • automatic conversion of LASAT results into Esri-shape files for arbitrary, user defined parts of the investigated domain; conversion of relative and absolute errors is available 
  • call of LASAT calculations from within ArcGIS

LASarc is available for ArcGIS.

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More detailed information on LASAT is available on the Ingenieurbüro Janicke home page 

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