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Implementation of the 23rd BImSchV (Federal Pollution Control Act) in Hessen: Determination of background pollution caused by benzene, soot and nitrogen oxides with the help of dispersion calculations.

Hessisches Landesamt für Umwelt und Geologie (Hessen State's Department for the Environment and Geology)

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Within the framework of a coarse screening in the region under Darmstadt's Regierungspräsidiums (governing committee) the background pollution had to be determined for selected street sections. These calculations were carried out using IMMISnet for nitrogen oxides, soot and benzene in a receptor network covering southern Hessen.
The time-of-day independent frequency distribution for the factors wind direction, wind speed and stability prepared by the DWD (German Meteorological Service) for Franfurt Airport in TA Luft-format were used as the meteorological input data set. These meteorological data were assumed to be representative of the entire area under invstigation.
Continuous concentration fields were then derived from the concentration values gathered at the receptors by means of a distance-weighted interpolation. These fields served as the basis for deriving the background pollution along the selected street sections.