Selected references

IMMISluft - Air quality assessment in the European Mega City Ruhr Area. For this region IVU Umwelt has identified the hot spots by a combination of measurements and modelling. The concentrations caused by local road traffic were then calculated with the screening model IMMISluft and Pollution maps have been created. The concentrations are displayed in thematic maps with colors from green, over yellow to red which results in so called "Traffic Light Maps".

IMMISnet - Within the framework of a coarse screening in Southern Hessen, IMMISnet was used for ascertaining the background pollution levels of selected street sections. -

FLADIS  - FLADIS is a program for displaying the temporal and spatial distribution of concentrations of air pollutants such as SO2, NO2, NO and O3. -

MISKAM  - IVU Umwelt carried out a so-called fine screening to determine the pollutant concentration along the Rudower Chaussee (a city avenue) to provide a traffic prognosis for the year 2010 after its redevelopment. -

Micro-Calgrid  - The project described involved the development and application of the three-dimensional photochemical model MICRO-CALGRID for micro-scale calculation of pollutant concentrations in the city areas of Berlin and Milan, taking the chemical processes in urban areas into consideration. -

Ozone prognosis  - The aim of this project was the development of statistical ozone forecasting for the smog early warning system of the German Federal Environmental Agency, allowing the preparation of one- to three-day forecasts with information on the degree of prognosis inaccuracy. -

floodFILL - We carried out a study of the temporal-spatial course of an inundation event on the Rhine using the floodFILL program based on a digital elevation model and GIS. -

Air quality Monitoring, Emission Inventory and Source Apportionment Studies. Training 28.-31.1.2008 in Berlin. Contracting authority: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH and ASEM-Umweltmanagement-Beratung. 2008.