GIS-Integration of IMMIS - Background, additional and total concentrations in one database

Emissions induced by street traffic 
The screening program IMMISluft calculates emissions induced by street traffic based on e. g. the "Handbook of emission factors" of the Umweltbundesamt (German environmental agency) into one central street database.

Additional concentration 
Simultaneously, IMMISluft calculates the additional concentration in the street canyons and saves them to the central database.

Background concentration 
Based on the central database, the climatological multi source dispersion model IMMISnet calculates the background concentrations in the streets and saves them to the central database. In doing so, additional area and point sources as well as the large scale background concentration in the area of investigation can be taken into account. If needed, IMMISnet also provides a spatial distribution of the background concentration based on the same data set.

Total concentrationg 
In the central database, total concentrations in the streets are automatically calculated as sum of background concentrations and additional concentrations.