IMMISmt - System Design

IMMISmt consists of several co-ordinated models (modelling chain) which are controlled by the software component mt-Core.

The mt-Scheduler controls the workflow of the overall system including tasks like

All input and output data is passed to and from IMMISmt using an adjustable data interface (e. g. OPCI, SOAP, HTTP, ASCII). For data storage within the mt-Core a file based RDBMS database system (e. g. Oracle, MSAccess) is used. This core database holds static data such as the road network as well as dynamic data for the current time step like traffic values or station measurements.

The mt-Archive runs on a high performance client/server database (e. g. Oracle) and stores input and result data for each calculation. Together with the mt-Simulator all calculations can be repeated, if desired with adjusted parameters for scenario analyses.

In addition to the main components described above, there are further modules that can be licensed separately. More information can be found in the section on Modules.