IMMISmt - Overview

IMMISmt is a real time monitoring system for air pollution and noise. Based on online traffic data, measurements of air quality stations, emission data and weather data, IMMISmt calculates traffic induced emissions, back ground and total pollutant concentrations as well as noise levels within the streets as, e. g., hourly mean values. To do so, IMMISmt combines various models which are validated and widely used in air quality planning.

Environmental Traffic Management
With the possibility to determine the impact of traffic on air quality within streets in real time, IMMISmt can be used to extend traffic control leading to an optimised, environmental sensitive traffic management. If defined pollution levels are reached, IMMSmt can e. g. issue warnings initiating traffic control measures. IMMISmt can monitor the effect of the applied control measures on the entire road network. Operated in simulation mode, IMMISmt can be used to assess the effects of intended control scenarios, thus offering important assistance in the search for suitable and effective control measures.

Modules and Scalability
IMMISmt consists of several modules that can be combined according to specific requirements. Due to its design, IMMISmt can be connected to a variety of data interfaces (e. g. OPCI) within existing IT-infrastructures. IMMISmt is scaleable, thus able to process data for a few streets as well as extensive road networks of lager cities or conurbations. Within IMMISmt, all input and output data is stored in a database. Depending on specific requirements, the database can be both file-based or a client/server database management system.

Results like traffic emissions, background and street concentrations or noise levels can be displayed with the IMMISmt-Viewer software or be published using a web mapping service for a cartographical representation in the internet and/or intranet.

Reporting and Analysis
As all data is stored in a database, it can be used directly for reporting or analyses, e. g. of statistical parameters, not requiring advanced investigation or external expertises.