IMMISlaerm - Calculating noise pollution

The traffic induced air pollution apart traffic noise ranks among the environmentally relevant problems in cities. Thus the federal air pollution control law (BImSchG § 47a) requires municipalities to capture data describing noise pollution in street canyons.

IMMISlaerm provides the means to get an fast-and-easy overview of noise pollution adjacent resident of city streets are exposed to. IMMISlaerm does not require extensive and expensive data acquisition.


  • support in creation of noise pollution plans, conflict analysis and set up of noise reduction plans. 
  • Calculation of noise emission in accordance to the RLS 90 (guideline for the noise control at roads, edition 1990) and the Schall-03 (guideline for the calculation of noise pollution of railways, edition 1989) for day and night. The result is presented for vehicles and tramways. 
  • Calculation of assessment levels (noise pollution) in accordance to the RLS 90 and the Schall-03 for day and night .
  • Result representation in tables and figures as thematic maps of street network

Hourly Emissions with IMMISlaerm,h 
The screening program IMMISlaerm for estimation of noise pollution in streets is also available as an version to calculate hourly values of noise pollution.