Micro-Calgrid - Selected References

Application of the MICRO-CALGRID photochemical Model for High-Resultion Studies in Urban Street Canyons of Berlin and Milan

European Commission, represented by the Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy


The project consisted of the development and application of the three-dimensional photochemical model MICRO-CALGRID for micro-scale determination of pollutant concentrations in urban areas in Berin and Milan, taking chemical processes into account. The wind and turbulence fields required by MICRO-CALGRID for calculating the dispersion of reactive substances were provided by the flow model MISKAM, while the necessary emissions were supplied by the Federal Environmental Agency's emission model MOBILEV.
The model instrument represented by combining the MOBILEV, MISKAM and MICRO-CALGRID models can be used for detailed investigations in individual streets or city areas taking chemical reactions, particularly the conversion of NO into NO2, into consideration. The diagram shows a nitrogen dioxide concentration distribution calculated for the street canyon in Berlin's Schildhornstrasse. The wind turbulence formed in the street canyon led to NO2 being transported away from the sources to the lee-side street edge and then out of the canyon itself.