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News in 2016

  1. The team of IVU Umwelt wishes a Merry Christmas ...

    ... and a Happy New Year!

    We would like to thank you for the confidence shown in our company and the interest in our work. To all our customers and partners, we wish a pleasant Advent season, a merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2017.

  2. Quantification of population-weighted PM10 exposure related to road traffic for the model region Berlin-Brandenburg - IVU Umwelts report published by the German Federal Environment Agency ...

     IVU Umwelt compiled the report 'Quantification of population-weighted PM10 exposure related to road traffic for the model region Berlin-Brandenburg', that has now been published by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umweltbundesamt, UBA).

    The report describes the implementation of methods to account for urban structures and, particularly, local traffic loads in the PM10 exposure assessment in a pilot study. For the German Federal States Berlin and Brandenburg, three different methods to refine the exposure assessment have been applied and the results were compared to existing data from modelling within air quality planning in high spatial resolutions.

    Simple methods using high resolution emission inventories may lead to 'visual' improvements with respect to finer structures. However, as they cannot account for the transport of the substances, they are clearly inferior to dispersion modelling of urban background concentrations in high spatial resolution. Screening approaches, which are well-used in air quality planning, are a very good basis to account for high concentrations caused by traffic. The method of the segment-based exposure as-sessment (SBE) presented here, is an easy-to-use approach to estimate exposure in hot spots based on gridded population data available for the entire country.

    Results show that notably increased spatial resolution of concentration fields in urban areas leads to a strong shift of the number of inhabitants towards higher concentration levels. Additionally, including local traffic increments in the assessment provides a means to quantify the fraction of the population affected by high concentrations that do not occur if the assessment is based on background con-centrations only.

    Download (in German)

  3. Modelling air pollutant concentration levels ...

    An abstract of IVU Umwelt on 'Modelling air pollutant concentration levels', providing solutions to air quality challenges, has been published in the journal International Transportation, Volume 68, Issue Special Edition 1: Smarter on the move - Green transport and digital mobility.

    Download 'Modelling air pollutant concentration levels'

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