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modular GIS-integrated system for Air Quality modeling
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Analysis and visualisation
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News in 2011

  1. UBA air quality maps of Germany are now produced with FLADIS ...

    The German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) publishes near real-time data of air quality in Germany on its web pages. The data is provided in the form of tables and maps of Germany. The map representation is based on an interpolation using observational data from spatially representative measurement stations of the Federal Environmental Agency and the German Federal States.

    Since beginning of 2011, the maps are calculated with the programm system FLADIS by IVU Umwelt. Hourly mean values of the current day and analyses of the previous day are presented for the air pollutants PM10, CO, O3, SO2 and NO2. Additionally, ozone forecasts for the following days are provided.

    More about FLADIS

    Web pages of the German Federal Environmental Agency presenting the near real-time air quality data in Germany

  2. Volume 4 of the Air Quality Modeling book series published ...

    In chapter 21 of the forth and last volume of the "Air Quality Modeling" book series, , the authors identify active groups in air pollution modeling througout the world. IVU Umwelt is named as one of the five modeling groups listed for Germany. The chapter additionally summarizes the different theoretical and computational approaches to simulate the dispersion and transformation of pollutants in the atmosphere. Chapter 21 and 22 replace the original Chapters presented in Volume I of the book series, edited in 2003.

    The complete title of the publication is:
    Zannetti, P. (Ed.) 2010: Air Quality Modeling Vol. IV - Advances and Updates. Theories, Methodologies, Computational Techniques, and Available Databases and Software. The EnviroComp Institute, Fremont, USA, 2010.

    More information on Volume 4
    More about the book series "Air Quality Modeling"

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