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News in 2007

  1. Air Quality Plans with IMMIS ...

    The software system IMMIS, a comprehensive set of tools to access traffic induced air pollution, has been and is used to develop many Air Quality Plans, Clean Air Plans and Action Plans in Germany.

    Selected cities, where IMMIS has been used for the development of more than 100 plans, are listed in a table.

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  2. Web-based screening of air pollution in North Rhine-Westphalia using IMMISluft ...

    On behalf of the Landesumweltamt (State Environmental Agency) of North Rhine-Westphalia LANUV a web-based screening of air pollution in main roads in North Rhine-Westphalia had been developed by IVU Umwelt. The system enables communities to input data and evaluate results using a standardised and validated software application made available by federal state authorities. Due to the fact that the input data for the air quality screening are street-related and thus georeferenced, a web mapping client with GIS (geographical information system) functionality had been integrated in order to preserve spatial information for visualisation and give means of digitizing street segments.

    The system has been released to the local authorities in North Rhine-Westphalia end of June 2006. Within a few weeks, around 100 cities have registered.

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  3. 26 till 28 september 2007: ESRI European User Conference in Stockholm ...

    From 26 till 28 september the ESRI S-GROUP Sweden has been hosting the ESRI European User Conference. For three days Stockholm was the place to learn more about the ESRI technology.

    IVU Umwelt has been succesfully presenting its know-how in noise and air pollution modelling - "Environmental Noise and Air Quality: Solutions with ArcGIS according to EU Directives".

    Look for the programm of the second day.

  4. November: IMMIS-Seminar in Freiburg ...
    IVU Umwelt had been hosting a IMMISem und IMMISluft a very succesful training course from 7 to 9 november 2007 in Freiburg. Please contact us for other courses if you are interested in getting information on air quality modeling with IMMISem und IMMISluft directly from the model developers.
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